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Gentle Guidance

It is my joy to sit with women in the complexity and beauty of their story. As your witness, I am honored to offer a place of kindness and curiosity where together we can notice what wants to be seen, held, and healed. I am not afraid of dark places and will tenderly and courageously walk with you wherever the path leads. I believe in your unique wonder and want to help you find those areas that are holding you back from being all that you were created to be. 

Inviting you on the path of empowerment is one of my intentions. To facilitate growth in your freedom, courage, and ability to live as your true self, even if your life’s circumstances are hard and heavy, is something we will lean into. Through deep listening, holding your grief, honoring your story, and practical questions, practices, and tools, I will help you to find rhythms and ways of being that work. 

I value self-compassion and learning how to love and care for your own dear self – body, mind, and soul. I value emotions and believe that they are friends who can teach us and guide us on our journey. I believe addictions are there to show us our desires and the pain we carry around them. I believe we are held by Love even if we can’t see it.  

Trauma is not so much about circumstances or events that happen to us, but about our isolation through those circumstances and events. If this is your story then my heart is already tender toward you. Although I may not always have answers to your questions or a perfectly manicured way, my heart is postured to be present to you. I am for you. I believe in you. 

If you are interested in meeting with me click on the contact button below and leave me a message. I offer a free 20 minute session, where you can connect with me, see how we engage together, and consider whether this is the path you feel invited to follow. 


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