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Gentle Guidance

It is my passion and joy to come alongside women and help them find a way through. I have learned that empowerment does not necessarily mean changing my circumstances. Neither do I find it by running away, burying the past, blaming someone or something, or addicting to something to numb myself.

Empowerment does not always involve finding a path that alleviates suffering and all the difficult things in my life that seem to keep me from joy, peace, and abundance. Perhaps, in your circumstances, no such path exists. Instead, what if we could learn to suffer well? What if there is a way to hold both deep suffering and rich joy? Imagine the hope this would bring?

As your guide, I will offer a place of kindness and curiosity where together we can explore your heart and your story. I am not afraid of dark places and I will tenderly and courageously walk with you to wherever we need to go. I believe healing takes patience, gentleness, and truth. I believe in your God-glory and want to help you find those areas that are keeping you from being all that you were created to be.

I believe that much of the trouble we have in our daily lives is a result of unhealed pain (or trauma) and I would be honored to help you discover these places so we can bring them to the Healer. I will offer you practical rituals to enable you to work through anger, loss, fear, shame, hopelessness, and so on. I will listen and invite you to see deeper into your heart with gentle questions. I offer you my presence. Statistics show that much of the world is suffering from loneliness.

Although I may not always have answers to your questions or a perfectly manicured way, I will be with you. I am for you. I will help you see the way to carry both sorrow and joy. It is a deeply hopeful way.

My heartfelt desire and main goal will be to lead you to find yourself and as you find yourself, I believe you will find the Divine. In the presence of this Pure Love, I believe you will find everything your heart desires. Let’s together learn to lean in and listen for the Voice of Love.

I am committed to listening to my true heart and the voice of Spirit and guiding you as I feel led, but most of the work will be yours.

Please let me know if you would like to meet with me but have financial restrictions. Let’s talk about it.

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