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My desire is to empower women to have courage for their everyday lives. There are many practical ways of finding courage and it’s important to take all aspects of the human self into consideration, but there is one thing that rises to the top, more essential than any other thing. Mary, in the story recorded in Luke 10, found that one thing. These routines are created to help you bring your whole self to the Divine and there in the presence of Love to find what your heart truly longs for. My goal is simply to create an atmosphere where you can meet the Divine. He will do every other thing; heal, restore, attune, bind up, shed light, provide a way, bring truth, and fill you with joy, peace, and fullness. Love will help you let go of all the things you’ve added on, so that you may let them fall away, revealing your true self. It is then, when your God-glory shines bright, that you will bear much fruit. This is Love’s desire.
These routines are practical, whole-bodied, experiences that will help you live out Jesus’ words in John 15. Abide in Me and I in you; for apart from Me, you can do nothing.

They can be used over and over again. Or if you enjoy meeting God in continuously fresh ways you can change them frequently.

Brain science shows us that the quickest and most effective change does not come by what we choose, but rather, we are most changed by the person or thing we are attached to. Routines have no value in and of themselves, but serve as a tool to lead us to Love. In the presence of Love I am able to be fully seen/known and fully loved. This frees me to live from my true self, rather than my ego (false) self. In all of the routines I’ve created the goal is to bring our true self for as Thomas Merton said, “God is so real that He cannot be approached by anything other than reality.”

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